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What is mastering?
Mastering aims to provide finished mixes with a “polish” so that they sound as balanced and consistent as possible when played back on any sound system.

It's the last step that’s done before releasing of a track.

Generally, mastering makes a mix sound clearer, bigger, and louder.


Need your tracks mixed? Check out our mixing service.


What's included?

All masters include a round of mix critique to get the mix sounding as good as it possibly can!


You get 3 major rounds of revisions, so you can be sure that you have the final say on how your music sounds!


How does it work?

Upon placing your order online, you will receive a set of instructions on how to prepare your files for upload, as well as a link to our secure online upload portal.


Once your files are uploaded, you'll hear from your engineer with an estimate on when your master will be ready.
Typical mastering turnaround is within a week, please let us know if you need a master done faster.


You'll then get a link to your track via our secure online streaming platform, which will allow you to place time-stamped comments for any revisions that are required.



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